1. Everything that does not add, subtracts.
But we are here to add.
2. We are part of your Marketing army,
specifically, the income and margin brigade.
3. We like results,
that’s why we like to play well.
4. Choosing only the battles to win is a
matter of strategy and experience. That’s what we bring to the table.
5. We are snipers. The data is our laser
6. Creativity is the ammo that maximizes
the result.
7. As elite bodies, we first think, then we
act strongly, and always keep the focus.
8. We move with the market. Survival forces
us to never fall behind.
9. Born to $ell. We take it as something
personal, and we love it.
10. We love the smell of (sales) reports in the
11. We will not always tell you what
you want to hear. Allies tell
each other the truth and the
truth avoids surprises.
12. We use all the necessary
“weapons” and when needed, we
deploy the heavy artillery.