3 JUNE 2020 | Juan M. Muñoz

Translated by Juan Arango. The 2020 season in the United States started out strong. Many years welcoming stars like Raúl, David Villa, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, or David Beckham as well as the way Inter Miami, promoted by Beckham himself, burst onto the scene, have created the expectation that this sport (both spectacle and business sides) seems to […]

20 MAY 2020 | Juan M. Muñoz

The United States is experiencing difficult moments in the social and economic field created by the negative effects of the coronavirus. Although unemployment figures are through the roof and the vaccine is far away, there is hope for some e-commerce in South Florida.

24 APRIL 2020 | Juan M. Muñoz

The company, which does real-time tracking of every commercial broadcasted on national television in the US, has conducted a study of the brands that are advertising during the confinement by the COVID-19. The data indicates that almost 26% more advertisers, 1,247 more, are advertising on TV today compared to a year ago.

14 APRIL 2020 | Juan M. Muñoz

Electronic commerce in the United States has seen going from strength to strength in a way that was not foreseen, despite the confinement here started later and is more relaxed than in Spain. This high is in total volume, it goes through neighborhoods. Not everything is sold more and neither all rises or falls, even less equally.